Zhenobya Aleppo soap with oud oil 100g

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A traditional Aleppo soap bar with precious oud oil. A great all-around soap suitable for hands, face, body, but also for shaving and hair. Also great for sensitive skin.

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Zhenobya Aleppo soap with precious oud (agarwood) oil fragrance. The oriental oud oil is one of the most highly valued and sought-after natural perfumes in the world. Oud oil is made from Aquilaria trees infected with the Phialophora fungus found in the tropical woods of Southeast Asia. In response to the fungus, the tree secretes an oily secretion with a distinctive aroma, which when absorbed into the wood turns it black and aromatic. This aromatic wood is called oud (also known as oudh, agarwood, aloewood, gharuwood, eaglewood), and the oil distilled from it the oud oil. The scent of oud has been revered as a sacred and divine bouquet for thousands of years, and it has been used in a range of religious and secular ceremonies in Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese, and Japanese cultural contexts. It has been attributed healing, protective, soothing, and energy-cleansing properties. The soap is suitable for everyday use on all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skin. Also suitable for shaving or for washing hair. Handmade according to the traditional Aleppo soap production method. The soap is packed in a plastic wrapper (necessary to preserve the aroma) and in a blue organza sachet.

What we love about this:
– 100% natural ingredients, no synthetic additives
– Cruelty-free, suitable for vegans
– Biodegradable and environmentally friendly product
– Made with olive and laurel oils, no palm oil used
– Handmade in Syria

Ingredients: olive oil (Olea Europea Oil), laurel bay oil (Laurus Nobilis Leaf Oil), water (Aqua), Sodium Hydroxide, Oud Oil

How to use: Use as an ordinary soap for hands, body, or face. Also suitable for shaving or washing hair.

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Zhenobya Aleppo soaps are handmade in Syria, following a centuries-old traditional recipe and production method. Made from 100% natural ingredients without synthetic additives in a sustainable way using the highest quality cold-pressed olive and laurel oils. In addition to various Aleppo soaps, Zhenobya's product range includes traditional olive oil soaps from Turkey and Palestine. These hypoallergenic soaps are great for delicate, sensitive, and problematic skin. All products are certified by ICADA and come in plastic-free carton packaging.


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