Wooden and Bamboo Soap Dish


A practical soap dish made of natural wood and bamboo. A minimalistic, simple and stylish soap dish for the bathroom or kitchen.

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A simple ladder-shaped soap dish made of natural wood and bamboo. Suitable for both the bathroom and the kitchen. The open bottom allows water to drain, not leaving the soap to soak in water. This way, the soap lasts longer and is better preserved. Bamboo is a fast-regenerating plant, light in weight and highly resistant to moisture.

Why we love this?
– Made of natural regenerative material.
– Plastic and packaging-free.
– Minimalistic and simple design.

How to use? Use like a regular soap dish in the bathroom or kitchen. Also suitable for storing a solid shampoo or sponge.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 8.5 × 1.5 cm
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