Sisal Soap Bag


Soap bag made of sisal. Great for storing soap as well as for body scrubbing. Helps to produce lather and acts as a gentle exfoliator.

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Two-in-one sisal soap bag and sponge. Suitable for both storing soap and washing the body. When used as a sponge, the bag helps to create foam and has a slight exfoliating effect on the skin. Perfect for storing and using with smaller soap leftovers. Sisal is a natural vegetable fiber obtained from the leaves of the Sisal plant (Agave sisalana). The product is biodegradable. NB! Product dimensions may vary slightly (width approx. 9.5-10.5cm, length 13.5-14.5cm).

What we love about this product:
– Made from a natural plant-based material
– Plastic free, vegan, biodegradable
– Zero waste product, comes without additional packaging

Instructions of use: Place the soap bar or soap scraps into the bag, wet the bag and use as a sponge. Rinse and hang to dry after use.

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Dimensions 14 × 10 cm
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