Gift set of 4 VOH artisan soap bars

68.75  / kg

A gift set with four natural soap bars. A beautiful and practical gift for any occasion suitable for both men and women.

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A practical, unique and beautiful gift set with four artisan soap bars from VOH in a carton gift box. VOH artisan soap bars are handmade in a traditional cold process method from all natural ingredients, without artificial additives, colorants or parfume. Suitable for all skin types for hands as well as the whole body.

VOH artisan soap collection:
V.O.H Unscented Coconut Soap 90g
V.O.H Creamy Shea Butter & Lime Soap 90g
V.O.H Coffee & Grapefruit Scrup Soap 90g
V.O.H Scrub Soap for Feet 90g
V.O.H Blue Clay & Lavender Soap 90g
V.O.H Pink Clay & Orange Soap 90g
V.O.H Green Clay & Bergamot Soap 90g
V.O.H Yellow Clay & Lemongrass Soap 90g

NB! The selection in the box depends on the availability of soaps. Personal preferences will be considered when possible but cannot be guaranteed.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 18.5 × 5 cm
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V.O.H or Voice of Heart was founded in 2014 in Viljandi, Estonia as a small family owned producer of handcrafted natural soaps, candles, wellness and spa products. All of the V.O.H soaps are made by the cold process method from pure and natural ingredients without any artificial additives. Each and every ingredient has been carefully selected and has its own special story and specific function. V.O.H is a voice of heart, which speaks the language of love, truth and freedom, all you have to do is listen!
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